Hello. I am Objx.

Hello. I am Objx.

Hello.  I am Objx.  We Objx’s live in your digital world.  There are millions of us Objx’s and many more are created each day.

We come in all shapes and sizes.  Some are simple, some compound and others complex.  Some are locked/protected, others are unlocked/open to change.

A simple Objx that you may be familiar with is a digital photo.  I am sure you have many of them on your phone right now:-)

Objx’s may live anywhere – on your computer/phone, on iObjx or in the cloud.  No matter where, we all can join in.

Something really special about compound and complex objects is that they can be scripted by anyone/everyone or just let iObjx do it for you!

Objx’s love to play together.  Combinations of us can do much more than any single, simple Objx and we become intelligent.  In fact, the more of us the smarter!  The oldest of us are the most intelligent.

It’s a new day in the new Objx world.  Come out and play.

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