The 4th Dimension – TIME

iObjx now allows you to time travel within your objects during your event.

Imagine, you are having an event but would just like to see the objects added in the last hour. No problem

Or, inversely you would like to see objects not added within the hour. No problem.

This setting combined with all the others of iObjx means you can create finely tuned temporal explorations during your event.

Another added benefit is that you can also use this setting as a moderation delay. Let’s say you wish to not allow objects which has been added in the last 5 minutes so that you can have a chance to review before they are included in a play. No problem.


  1. Create a playlist that only plays content from the last 5 minutes and then delete any undesirable content
  2. Go to the iObjx Admin and review the content and remove if unwanted

The delay can be whatever you are comfortable with.

Time Travel. The fourth dimension brought to you during your event by iObjx.