Entertainment Lifeform

Is entertainment a product, a project, a deliverable, a consume only experience?  The training of broadcast mediums like radio, TV, YouTube instructs a one-way, view only, don’t interact and never allow the content to be changed paradigm.

iObjx is more akin to a child than our current understandings or experiences of ‘entertainment’.  Once launched into the world the child is constantly changing, interacting, growing, evolving.  The child is a lifeform.  Ultimately, we don’t know what the child will become, but over the years we nurture, care, support and guide them to aspire.  The input of many crafts, shapes and molds.

A child is a constant, surprising entertainment.  One never knows exactly what may happen next.  Never boring, always interesting.

Bring to life an iObjx and never be entertained to boredom again.