Netflix captured widespread attention with their ‘interactive’ production – Bandersnatch. In it you could basically choose various ‘alternate’ paths for the storyline. You could experience all the different paths that had been planned by the producers/writers to gain some empowerment and perhaps curiosity of the different story directions.

However, it is not organic. The paths can never change again unless the show is recreated. Thus the number of times you might engage/watch the show are very limited.

iObjx offers a different organic experience in that each time you view, not only nonlinear paths, but also media objects themselves may have changed or become door ways to new experiences.

An iObjx may be changed by the viewer for the enjoyment and delight of others versus allocating all our entertainment to the corporate conglomerates.

Bandersnatch may have titillated the imagination of some, but why not open yourself to the endless organic experience of the infinite Objxverse.