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Beyond Video

Video is an ancient technology.  No more than an illusion that the mind processes as motion.  It’s a medium only to be consumed.  Restricted as a static, rendered, published object.

Video was never imagined to be interactive or collaborative and it is not.  Overlays have been introduced to allow linking, group editing exists and choosing endings/branches which offer a semblance of ‘control’ to the viewer.

iObjx creates, manages and serves Intelligent Objects that offer a video-like experience, but with true interaction and collaboration.  A new paradigm of entertainment and communication.

choosing from images stream

Video is a component, another objx to iObjx.  iObjx does not use video as the container for other media to be rendered to, nor ultimate deliverable medium.  All Objx’s are peer.

Objx’s enable the web/internet as it was imagined to be


Objx’s are what is next.  They are beyond video.